IHC Group

Independence Holding Company

Board of Directors

  • Larry R. Graber
  • President,
  • Madison National Life Insurance Company, Inc.
  • Teresa A. Herbert
  • Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President,
  • Independence Holding Company
  • Allan C. Kirkman
  • Executive Vice President,
  • Mellon Bank, N.A.
  • John L. Lahey
  • President Emeritus and Professor of Logic and Philosophy,
  • Quinnipiac University
  • Steven B. Lapin
  • President, Chief Executive Officer and Vice Chairman of the Board,
  • GHI
  • Ronald I. Simon
  • Chairman of Corporate Governance Committee,
  • Ellington Financial, Inc.
  • James G. Tatum, C.F.A.
  • Investment Advisor
  • Roy T.K. Thung
  • Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman,
  • Independence Holding Company